Sunday, July 22, 2012

Surprise trip!

The fifth day of the camp was completely different than the rest of the days. The participants were told that they would be going on a trip “somewhere” and only got instructions on what to bring, which gave them a small hint.
The trip started around 7:30 and everyone was excited. Nobody expected such a long trip and after an almost 4 hours ride, we were sitting comfortably on a boat cruising on the Danube and the Sava river, sightseeing Belgrade.
We heard a lot of facts about the state capital, mostly about it’s historical background and it’s bridges.
We went under all six bridges, but the newest one left the biggest impression. Participant could hear that is the biggest single pillar bridge in Europe and third biggest in the world.
Author of this text asked participant did they like the trip. In general, hey were surprised with destination and the cruise. They liked the capital or at least the part they saw.
Adisa commented: It was surprising for me because I didn’t expect to go to Belgrade. Everything was very nice, but I was sorry we didn’t visit the center of the city. Food also was very nice.

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