Sunday, July 22, 2012


Summerhouse Nr. 1 (left side of Danube): Place of intense hanging out of lazy unemployed people. No local authority around. It also serves as a place for young and hungry souls to be satisfied. There is a developed gambling community full of fancy Christmas light in the middle of summer. The topics of discussion have a death life importance for the whole world because some of the global crises problems are solved right there. The wooden construction and the plastic light, similar to the famous “Moulin Rouge” in Paris, are ideal for mosquitos and fools; also they may serve as a shelter against rain and sun. Before breakfast, lunch and dinner this place has got the status of a hospital waiting room in good old socialist times.
Summerhouse Nr. 2 (right side of Sava): It serves for the things not to be done in summerhouse Nr. 1.
Food: Eatable thing, the male population wants to take away (to steal) from its’ female equivalent.
Endi: Longhaired Dj and music analyst transforming in a second into a super useful working machine and sound engineer. In his free time he lives his pyromanic tendencies, and often serves as a waterboy.
Camp fire: Hot and moisty place where getting drunk and shouting is approved and even recommended.
Sleeping: Simple night activity unfamiliar to the most of the campers, often avoided in order to have a legitim excuse for being late, lazy, uninterested and bored during the workshop.
WC: The only place in the camp where the number of people gathered is close to the number of people in summerhouse nr.1 - but only in the evening when suddenly everybody wants to use it.
Showers (female section): Where the females wait and take showers one after the other.
Showers (male section): Where the males wait and take showers one after the other; and where females jump in to be first and take showers where they should not take them.

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