Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sport in Bački Monoštor

Bringing you the exclusive information about sport activities in Bački Monoštor.
In my latest research , I interviewed people in Bački Monoštor and found out their sport habits and basic sport related problems.

In the start we met a young man on a pause from his job. Aco (31) is mostly interested in football. He plays it on the village around with his friends in his free time. Before we left he also hinted something about karate and gymnastic club.
The very next person I interviewed, Stjepan (63) confirmed the information about karate and gymnastic club.
As I continued with interviews a lot of information accumulated.
The chess for women has the biggest success in recent village history. They won the regional championship five times and one of the players is a candidate for a chess master.
All of them practice in village library.
In the end I spoke to the local football coach and manager. He trains the three different generations of young football players. It all sounds well, but there is a big problem related to the insufficient founds the club receives. Also, the football tournament is not as big as it used to be. This year only 9 teams participated, when just a few years ago, 36 teams played the tournament. 
It seems the things aren't going well for this village, but you can also say that there is a huge space for improvement. The only thing needed are young people willing to work on their sport skills.

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