Sunday, August 5, 2012

Differences and similarities between Sokci and Bunjevci

This question is very frequently asked. Many people would say that there is no difference and that these two ethnical groups are actually same. But! Journalists of Red Crosser have decided to check opinion of people in Backi Monostor.


Bunjevci are ethnical group who lives in Backa, around Subotica, also in Baranja, Banat and Hungary. In census from 2002, on territory of Serbia it was 20 000 people (0,27 % of whole population). There are some data that Bunjevci were named by the name of river Buna, from where they came to Backa. They came as Catholics and they were also called Catholic Serbs. Probably, Bunjevci with Sokci belong to the group of South Slavs.


First data about Sokci are from 1716 and they are stored in the church in Backi Monostor which was called firs Bodrog. Sokci are from Dalmacija and they came with Franciscans to area around Danube. The last wave of settlers was 200 years ago. In Serbia there are 9 places where are Sokci mostly lives: Backi Monostor, Sonta, Plovna, Backi Breg, Bodjani, etc. They also have specific dialect and they are mostly Catholics. Sokci have very rich national clothes and women still ware it on special occasions. (S.G.)


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